Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tahiti Food Night by Kate Krimson

Saturday, my best friend, Freddy, and I started a new tradition: every weekend we are going to cook food from a different region of the world.

For our first weekend, we cooked food from Tahiti. The main dish that we prepared was Poisson Cru, a dish of raw tuna fish, coconut milk, lime juice, and vegetables. Many refer to Poisson Cru as the national dish of Tahiti. We used this recipe ( It came out pretty good, but it was a little too salty.

Our Poisson Cru

Me Dishing Out the Poisson Cru

For dessert, we made Po’e, a banana-based pudding. We used this recipe ( definitely didn’t come out like pudding. It was some were between pudding and bread. I’m not sure where we went wrong. It still tasted good, even though we were texturally expecting something else.

Po'e in Coconut Dish

Me doing the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Coconut Horse Galloping Noise

Freddy doing the Monty Python and the Holy Grail Coconut Horse Galloping Noise

Freddy questioning why anyone would want to wear a coconut bra.

Next weekend, we are going to travel to Japan via our taste buds.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What Are You Going to Leave Behind? by Kate Krimson

I have lately been feeling insignificant. I look at all my life goals and see boxes left unchecked on my long to-do list. I have also been feeling lonely and invisible, like a gas, a blur of buzzing atoms that occupy space, and yet no one sees.

Then, when I started doing the dishes tonight, one of my favorite songs snuck into my head: “Infinity” by Ill Chemistry. The song’s chorus goes “Infinity, Infinite-I/When I die, they're going to call me the light/from the way that I do to the things that I write/The legacy I leave is bright, right.” The songs ends by asking the listener “What you gonna leave behind?”

 I have been thinking too much about what my actions are going to add up to in the end, instead actually acting. My lack of participation has been causing all of these negative feelings and today or I really should say tonight, I want to start acting. I say “want” because I know I’m not perfect and I won’t immediately start acting after posting this. This post however is only the beginning. I hope that when I die my legacy is also bright. And I leave you with this thought: What are you going to leave behind?

Here are a couple of inspiring songs to lift your spirits, including “Infinity”:

For those with sensitive ears, be warned that this song contains a bad word