Thursday, April 28, 2011

Woman Warrior Wednesdays #21 by Kate Krimson

Wonder Woman #610-DC Comics-$2.99
4.5 out of 5 stars

In Manhattan, Giganta, a female warrior who can sometimes be as big as her name implies, is destroying much of the city in search of Diana/Wonder Woman. A woman appears and magically takes Giganta to another place, where the Morrigan, Cheetah, and Artemis are. These are Giganta’s teammates in trying to bring down Wonder Woman. Artemis is telling the others about how she was defeated by Doctor Psycho.

In the meantime, Wonder Woman wakes up in a hospital bed with a doctor and a nurse by her side. Her bed has blanket that is covered with stars. The doctor tells Diana that she was extremely close to dying. The doctor leaves and the nurse who is also named Diana hands Wonder Woman her clothes and kick-butt accessories. Nurse Diana tells Wonder Woman that the blanket came from an old lady, Myra Clotho, who just came out of a coma and made the blanket as soon as she heard that Wonder Woman was in the hospital. Wonder Woman puts the blanket on like a cape and pays a visit to Myra.

Myra, a fate, tells Wonder Woman that she is the only one who can stand up against an ultimate evil and that justice chose her when she saved a bird that Artemis had shot down. Myra gives Wonder Woman the strand of string that contains her fate. A Kere, a death-spirit, comes to take away Myra Wonder Woman defeats it by showing it compassion and by telling it to be free, but Myra still dies. Then all the Keres go free in Hades, which makes Charon, aka the man who takes the dead across the rivers of Acheron and Styx, cry because he knows it means someone has forgiven them.

Diana says farewell to Myra’s dead body and then is attacked by Giganta. Wonder Woman kicks her out of the building. Steve Trevor sees everything. Wonder Woman says hi to him, but she is not sure why she knows him. Artemis tries to shoot Wonder Woman, but the arrows are blocked by her wristbands. Wonder Woman captures Artemis with her lasso and reveals to her the truth that the Morrigan had hid from her. Artemis is ashamed of herself and asks Wonder Woman to kill her, but she says it would be better if Artemis helped her fight the Morrigan. Giganta tries to attack Wonder Woman, but she brings Giganta to the ground with a smash.

Wonder Woman, Giganta, Artemis, and Cheetah come upon the Oracle of Themyscira. Wonder Woman says she does not want to know the will of the gods, but plans on killing a few.

Writers (J. Michael Straczynski and Phil Hester): A story must have action for readers to want to continue on the journey that flows through the pages. If this comic does not have enough action for you, then you are hard to please. There are plenty of fight scenes to keep one entertained, but also there is the revealing of a hero’s fate and the releasing of the Keres from their curse.

Illustrator (Eduardo Pansica): Pansica’s depictions of fierce fighting females almost make the reader jump back from the page. Giganta standing on top of a statue she smashed with her hair being blown back as she lets out a roar with her battleaxe in her hand. The Kere with her blazing red eyes and giant bat-like wings climbing towards Myra. Giganta leaping towards Wonder Woman like a growling hungry tiger. Wonder Woman telling the gods that she coming for them.

Pansica also draws the characters with real emotions on their faces. Anger clearly comes through on the faces of Cheetah, Giganta, and Artemis as the march out to find Wonder Woman and attempt to destroy her. Happiness shines through the eyes of Myra as she looks upon the only one who can defeat the ultimate evil. Shame pours itself out of Artemis when she realizes the wrong that she has done.

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