Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Woman Warrior Wednesdays #23 by Kate Krimson

Woman Warrior Wednesdays #23 by Kate Krimson

Review of Rain #1 from Bluewater Comics-$3.99

2.5 out of 5 stars

Summary: Rain takes out a guard in front of a large mansion located in Atlanta, Georgia. Then she shoots out the power box to the house. When she’s in the house, she is surprised how easy it was to get and two seconds after this thought a gun is to her head and his held by the home’s owner, William Davis. She manages to knock him out. She steals a ring with a pretty big rock on it and runs away from the home. She gets in her car and drives away. Soon after she leaves the police arrive at the Davis’s home just a little too late.

The next day Rain goes to George Baker’s place. She gives him the ring and he gives her money for stealing it for him. It turns out that Davis cost Baker a lot of money by backing out of a huge business deal and getting this ring stolen was an act of revenge. Rain and Baker share some awkward sexual tension and then Rain leaves.

Later, a man named Trevor calls her with a job offer. He promises to give her $200,000 if she steals a necklace for him that’s in a coffin in a museum.

Then something a little odd occurs. In a cabin, a man sees an article about the remains that lay within in this coffin and claims that this must be his mother. He sends two demon-like beings out to retrieve the coffin. He has the skeleton of his father lying on the bed beside him and says soon their family will be together again. Then he becomes some werewolf-like creature and starts ripping into some humans that he has been saving for supper.

Writer (Nick Lyons): The storyline is a little weak at first. She robs and gets paid for it. Got it. It doesn’t get interesting until the end, when we find out Rain may encounter some demons and a werewolf in her latest quest of thievery.

Illustrator (Sean Lee): The illustrations I would say are about the same. Not much really jumps at you until demons and a werewolf are in the picture.

Overall, I think this issue started off a bit rocky but the ending makes you want to find out what happens next. It is definitely far from fantastic but it does have an interesting hook to reel you into the next issue.