Monday, April 4, 2011

Japanese Food Night by Freddy G

Hello YES MA'AM Blog readers,

Kate Krimson and I had our “Journey to Japan” food excursion this weekend. Since Japan was my idea, I took the helm when planning our menu and am also writing today’s post.

The meal began with Soba buckwheat noodles served in a broth consisting of Dashi (soup stock), mirin and soy sauce.

After making the dough, cutting, and boiling the noodles we can understand why most people in modern Japan opt for instant noodles. Okay, so for a first try the soup was pretty good, though the noodles were a little chewy.
Me Rolling Out the Soba Noodle Dough

Soba Noodles in Dashi

Kate Slurping a Soba Noodle

                                                         Me Slurping a Soba Noodle

I discovered a recipe for “Pork Cutlets and Rice” in a Japanese cookbook from the library. Fried pork cutlets coated in Panko and served over rice with a kind of eggy, oniony type of sauce. Not bad and Kate chose brown rice which made this dish all the more healthy.
                                                              The Pork Cutlets and Rice
To accompany the meal I chose Sake, a traditional Japanese wine made from rice rather than a fruit. Our drink preferences run closer to mixed drinks rather than straight alcohol. I expected something a little sweeter, and the straight sake just made Kate cringe. So after mixing it with some cranberry juice it became quite drinkable.

                                                              Sake with Cranberry Juice
All in all I have to say that the authenticity is what one would expect from amateur home cooks.
For a first foray into the realms of Asian cuisine it was a good try.

Next week we will be cooking Indian food.

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